First it might be a good idea to rethink your point of view concerning weight loss. If you still think of weight loss as literally losing pounds you might want to visualize this....picture of a marathon runner standing next to a sprinter. Look at their body types and decide which body appeals more to you. When the answer is ‘the sprinter’ then know for a fact that:

1 – the sprinter trains less hours then the marathon runner.
2 – the sprinter eats more then the marathon runner.
3 – the sprinter's workouts are short with very intense intervals, like THE GLADIATOR WORKOUTS.
4- the sprinter trains Type II muscle fibers with strength training and explosive/powertraining.
5 – the sprinter is much heavier but has a lower fat percentage. The advantages of more muscle tissue are numerous. Work on preserving and gaining muscle tissue, that will help your metabolism take it up a notch. And in order to maintain or gain those muscles your protein intake needs to be in check. For fat loss you will need to fuel your body with at least 1 gram of protein for every pound of lean body mass. So for instance, if you weigh 180 pounds as a male and your fat percentage is 30% that means your lean body mass is calculated as such:

fat%= 180 x .30 = 54

lean body mass = 180 – 54 = 126 pounds

protein needed = 126 x 1 gram = 126 grams of protein per day

Eating for weight loss is mostly about the calories, eating for fat loss is all about eating foods that reduce cravings, reduce hunger, elevate your energy level and feed your body with the right nutrients. You will not be hungry and avoid stress on your body and make the right food choices with less effort.

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